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Mazel Marketing-The future of beauty exhibits

Some people say the trade show industry is dying. We say it is just beginning. 

Mazel Marketing is the leading beauty and wellness exhibitor for trade shows, fairs, and events throughout the country. Over the last 11 years we have upended the beauty exhibitor industry by emphasizing customer service, creativity, and innovation.

There are too many companies doing the same thing they’ve been doing for the past 10 years. The same products, the same displays, the same pitch. We all know monotony doesn’t drive consumerism. After all, we can all sit on our couch and order that new pillow or knife set. How can we get people out of the house and happily shopping? 

The solution, we realized, is quite simple. We need to evolve. 

We have since been in a state of evolution. We started looking for new skincare brands, seeking products with new and interesting ingredients that work wonders in helping people look and feel their best. 

We also decided that we must be creative. If we are going to continue to exhibit in Home Shows, State Fairs, Medical Shows, Boat Shows, Flower Shows, Jewelry Shows, and Car Shows, we must cater the products to the people and theme of the shows. Thus, we have high spf products for the Boat Shows, bee ingredient products for the flower shows, and diamond infused products for the jewelry shows. The list goes on. 

At this point we knew we were onto something but we still had one last problem. How do we get event attendees to enter our booth willingly? The days of aggressive sales tactics and chasing people down the aisles are done. We want people to want to visit us. So, we hired a design team and started making incredibly beautiful unique booth displays. After all, what good is a beauty booth that isn’t beautiful?

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